Sarah, Ordinary Luminary Founder

Hello 😊and thanks so much for visiting my site. I’m Sarah, founder of Ordinary Luminary, a small independent online boutique which evolved from a seedling of an idea that I had one day in late Spring of 2018. It all started when I was procrastinating over my PhD design research (which is in the field of branding, ethics, sustainability and consumer experience) and in a moment of avoiding reading another chapter and writing another paragraph, and thinking about not wanting to ever say 'I wish I had' or 'if only...' I began scribbling notes about how I could make a secret little dream I’d always had, a reality.

I am just an ordinary person, who has and continues to work really hard, and whilst I feel immensely lucky to so far have had a great career and many opportunities in life, I’d always had an ambition to start up a small business. Specifically, one that offered collections of great quality design, fashion and colour (three of the many things that I absolutely love which are both engrained in a world I have been immersed in, since I graduated from Central Saint Martins in 1998) as well as sustainable and ethical clothing that was affordable and stylish. And, because of my own personal values, I also wanted via any business that I established to try to help other people, especially individuals in a less fortunate position than myself. I believe that every human being, from every walk of life has value, and is in their own way, a luminary.

So, with my inherited northern spirit, (which has travelled south with me…I now live in a cottage in a pretty village in Buckinghamshire with my husband) I avoided wasting any more time and drew upon my beliefs and experiences. This included what I’d learnt so far in the creative industries (mostly from amazing design studios in London) alongside insights from my Senior Lecturer design role, my research, and knowledge gained from my own design and brand strategy consultancy. I began with a little brainstorming session and then chatted with a few friends and family about it all. Some strategy and planning followed, and soon after I bought the Ordinary Luminary domain name and my little dream became a fully-fledged reality.

I am so excited to share all of the pieces on my site with you, which are definitely not ordinary. The items in my collections are fun, stylish and have a particular twist, and I only sell things that I would want myself or what I would buy as gift for others. And, while I know that other stores or boutiques might offer similar things, I hope with lots of items to be able to offer something a little bit different. Some of my collections include limited edition pieces and lots are individually designed just for Ordinary Luminary, (including some by me, for example the Fairwear certified sustainable organic cotton sweats and tees and some jewellery). I feel really honoured to also say that I have also partnered with a social enterprise called The Luminary Bakery ( …the name is honestly a coincidence) to whom 5% of all Ordinary Luminary profits are donated. By doing so my little business is able to help this charity to provide training, skills, paid employment and a community via the experience of baking in a supportive environment for some of the UK's most vulnerable women, who have all experienced disadvantage. The bakery helps empower these women to achieve their potential and restart rebuilding their lives so that they have a positive future.

Since launching, Ordinary Luminary has gained the following of customers from all over the UK, and abroad, and I am genuinely so grateful for all of the support so far……it means so much, and I hope that if you haven’t already, you’ll want to be a part of this exciting journey with me and join the Ordinary Luminary gang.

I am always learning, and I’d love to hear thoughts about what, and how you think I'm doing, (as you’ve probably worked out...I love to chat and talk!) so please feel free to drop me a message / send me any feedback or photos of your Ordinary Luminary purchases. You can also join in and follow the world of Ordinary Luminary on Instagram @ordinaryluminary or on Facebook @weareordinaryluminary

Have a great 2019
Sarah x

Muddy Stilettos Finalist 2019 Best newcomer in Bucks and Oxon